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Why Should You Have a High Security Lock?

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It should come as no surprise, but not all locks are created equal. There are a wide variety of styles of locks available for residential and commercial customers, that offer different features and benefits. Some have rather simple mechanisms that can be picked or defeated easily by amateur burglars or mischief-makers in just minutes. Others have much more robust security mechanisms that are far more complex and require a great deal of specialized knowledge, tools, time, and effort to break. Likewise, there are certain kinds of locks that are ideal for certain situations or installations. A category of locks that is often overlooked by many consumers is high security locks. A high security lock can be quite valuable, both in residential and commercial settings. Learn more about why you should have a high security lock in our guide below.

What are High Security Locks?

High security locks are generally considered to be any lock offering better security than the simple, most common spring bolt style lock. There are no hard and fast rules on which kinds of lock mechanisms fall into this category. However, most experts agree that high security locks start, on the low end, with deadbolt locks. Everything more complex and robust is also included in this category, including rim cylinder and mortise cylinder locks, and special deadbolt locks with complex and in many cases proprietary interlocking pin designs.

Many high security locks have multiple types of additional security built-in, both structurally and functionally. This can include patent-protected designs, registered keys that can’t be duplicated, multiple bolts or points of securing the door, reinforced door jambs, frames, and plates made from high-strength materials, and more.

High security locks in Portland

The purpose of using a high security door lock is to make it harder for thieves or those bent on gaining illicit access to do so. The normal methods used to break traditional spring bolt locks include picking or bumping, which are mechanical processes used by many locksmiths in Portland to “trick” the lock cylinder into thinking the real key is in place. Some traditional locks are also susceptible to being compromised by drilling through the cylinder. And of course, prying, pressure, and other brute force attacks on the door are common.

High security locks are designed to effectively prevent these problems, or at the very least to make any of these kinds of attacks take exponentially more time and effort. This reduces the likelihood of an attack taking place, raises the cost and effort involved for a potential burglar, and greatly increases the chances of them getting caught. When combined with alarm systems and other modern technology, high security locks can provide very robust, reliable security for your home, office, or any other facility in which they are used.

What are the Pros and Cons of Choosing High Security Locks?

Of course, the added security and safety means that high security locks, and associated systems and components (even the keys themselves) can cost a bit more than traditional locks. You get what you pay for, however, and for places or installations where a high level of security is desired or required, the cost is only marginally higher than that of a traditional lock system. And the benefits of high security locks – great security, deterrence to break-ins, greater access control, less susceptibility to common picking, bumping, or drilling attacks, greater protection from brute force attacks, and a longer time to compromise the locks – all mean that it’s money well spent.

Examples of Residential and Commercial Applications of High Security Locks

There are many cases where a high security lock may be warranted, both in terms of residential and commercial settings. Bear in mind, these is still a level of security below some of the kind of ultra-secure systems used by governments and military installations. However, it is a step up from the kind of traditional locks most of us have in and around our homes, which really only deter casual theft or break-in attempts.

In the residential context, a deadbolt lock or other high security door lock used on the front door, or any exterior-facing door, can provide a meaningful first line of defense for your home and family. Many times, the exterior door is the only line of defense against robbery or assault. Having a high security door lock that can’t be easily picked, bumped, drilled, or otherwise compromised, and isn’t susceptible to brute force break-ins, can help you rest easy know that your home, your possessions, and your loved ones are safe.

Commercial settings see many more potential applications for high security locks. Sensitive data, areas containing proprietary research or materials, expensive or important assets, and so on can benefit from reinforced security with a high security lock. Regular lock replacement by a Portland locksmith also provides an added measure of security against former or disgruntled employees who may have gone to work for the competition. Industrial espionage is a real thing, and companies need to guard against it. Protecting your assets, information, dangerous chemicals or materials, trade secrets, and similar is critical to your viability as a business. Investing in a high security lock system is a small price to pay for that benefit.

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